Behind this project is a young sparkling and inspiring entrepreneur committed to make your culinary experience a success. Being herself lactose intolerant and suffering from various allergies, she knows how it feels in your shoes.

For Cynthia, eating has to be more than sustenance; it has to be a pleasing experience of comfort and sharing. Her curiosity and determination lead her to strive for rich flavors and textures in the preparation of stand out dishes.

Your culinary (uniqueness), we make it our business!

Cynthia Forget,
owner of Bedon
is proud to welcome you home!

Bedon Gluton, it’s you, it’s me, it’s us! A local ready-to-eat, 100% gluten-free and lactose-free counter to serve your food needs. Our mission is to simplify the lives of people suffering from food allergies or intolerances by giving them access to fresh and tasty meals with the assurance of a complete safety from contamination.